This is a personal favourite.

Quickfile is a free software (But not unlimited) that provides a very good all round package for bookkeeping and accounts, in particular with sole traders and small to medium businesses.


Most account levels are FREE. Once you get to a point where you need upwards of 1000 ledger entries, the price is ONLY £45/year plus VAT. This is significantly lower than many competitors, working out at just £3.75 per month plus VAT.

It's highlights:

  1. Batch invoices: If time is of the essence, this feature is a life saver. You can add batch invoices with just the most important information. This saves lots of time and effort. It is of particular use if you are a business with a lot of sales, purchases or both.

  2. Copy to line below: By pressing the triangle next to a line in the invoice screen, this copies the information to the line below. Making batch invoicing even quicker. This is a feature that a lot of other software lacks.

  1. Email Invoices: By selecting all invoices, you can have them sent to you in a PDF format by email. Which saves downloading each individual invoice one at a time.

  2. Multi Tagging: When analysing what you want done with bank transactions, you can select multiples, or all, and have the same tag applied to all of these. This is a feature that outshines the likes of Xero.

  3. Sales matching: If one customer has paid a sale across several different transactions, allocating these payments to the one invoice is a breeze. Likewise, allocating one payment to several invoices is also straight forward.

  4. Very unrestrictive

  5. Extremely quick

  6. User friendly and dynamic

  7. Colourful and aesthetically pleasing

If you would like pricing or further info about Quickfile please click here

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