I provide a range of game-changing services - both bookkeeping and accountancy.

Below is an insight in to the value of these first class services.

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From £100/month

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Self-assessment Tax Returns

Do you earn over £100,000 or have several income streams? Property rentals, self-employed income, more than one job? Or are you one part of a partnership?

You may well be required to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return by 31st January following the Tax year end.

Don’t even know where to start? What is an allowable business expense? What nominal code do you put that bill through? Am I entitled to any further tax deductions?

I can help you. I have years of experience of doing SA Tax Returns.

If you are a small company with few transactions going through the bank, you may be more comfortable enlisting my services on an annual basis.

I require my Self-Assessment clients to have their paperwork/digital files in no later than 31st October, so that I can complete all Tax Returns by 31st January.

I can sometimes make exceptions if this is your first year working with me.

If you have a high amount of transactions running through your business, it is advisable to have your bookkeeping done by me on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Do you know how much you owe your (business) energy supplier?


If the answer is no, I can help you with this. I will reconcile your bank every month and also reconcile your purchase ledger. Then I can tell you who you owe, how much and when this is due.


Do you know how much you are owed from your customers?



No? Well, I can help you here too, by regularly analysing your sales ledger. I can tell you what your customers owe you, when this is due, and send email prompts from within Xero, reminding them to pay.


Are you earning a lot, but unsure exactly how much? Are you in danger of reaching the VAT threshold and owing back payments of VAT to HMRC?

I won’t allow this to happen. Completing your monthly bookkeeping, means I will know exactly what your turnover is, allowing me to warn you well ahead of time when you are approaching the VAT threshold. I can help you to register for VAT and then I can complete your VAT returns on a quarterly basis. Keeping you compliant. But most importantly, taking some of that stress off your shoulders!

VAT Returns


Once you earn £85,000 you are required to sign up for VAT through the MTD portal.

VAT must be paid on all  VATable sales, but can be reclaimed on certain purchases.

It is my job to know what can and cannot be claimed for. I will complete and submit your VAT returns on a quarterly basis, to ensure that you are paying or reclaiming the VAT due to HMRC or due back to you.

That is a lot less worry for you.


Most of the work for your VAT returns will be done during the quarter, when I organise all of your sales invoices, purchase invoices, statements, cheque books etc on to accounting software.

This is why it is so IMPORTANT that you send over your paperwork/digital copies on time.

Without these, I cannot complete the bookkeeping for your VAT returns and you risk your VAT return being late.

This carries with it a fine of at least £100, for a second or further offence.

I will remind you regularly of your need to provide this documentation and I will keep your bookkeeping up to date and file your VAT returns on or before the submission date.

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Budgeting/ Forecasting/

I can use the bookkeeping data to calculate all your financial ratios, to figure out how successful your business is right now. I can use budgets and forecasts to create a plan for growth.

Do you know how many sales you need to make to break even?

Do you know how much turnover you need to pay all your expenses, bills and staff wages?

Do you know how many sales you need to make this year to afford your next holiday/mortgage/car?

Are you considering whether it is more cost effective to buy or hire a machine? Would it be cheaper to hire subcontractors or employ staff?

If you don’t know this, how are you going to set aside enough money each month? How are you going to create an effectives sales strategy to pull in enough clients?

How are you going to know if you have enough employees to cover the products or services you are offering?

Have you budgeted for your bills going up? Have you accounted for inflation in next years supplier costs?

I can do all of these things for you and so much more.

All you have to do is contact me and book in for a free 30 minute consultation.


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